Pranakorn Suite

The luxurious blend of traditional Thai elegance and modern comfort in our signature Pranakorn Suite

Pranakorn Suite — 99 sqm

Nestled in the heart of old town Bangkok, the Pranakorn Suite stands as a paragon of luxury living for those discerning guests seeking an unmatched experience. This signature 99 sqm suite is a tapestry of comfort and elegance, thoughtfully designed to provide you with an extravagant escape from the bustling city life. Surrender to the serenity of the plush daybeds that invite you to lounge and savor the moment with a sense of peace only found in this tranquil retreat.

Step into a realm where every detail echoes sophistication—the Pranakorn Suite boasts a palatial bathroom with twin sinks that set the stage for your morning and evening rituals. The pièce de résistance is the stunning copper bathtub, a rare indulgence that promises relaxing soaks under the warm glow of ambient lighting. These thoughtful touches are complemented by the luxury and organic bath amenities, pampering you with flawless care, while the delicate embrace of 500 thread-count linen promises a night of sublime rest.

Entertainment within the Pranakorn Suite is state-of-the-art with two LCD TVs—a 43" in the living room and a more impressive 49" in the bedroom. The inclusion of a drip coffee maker and tea making facilities, alongside an exquisite selection of glassware from Schott Zwiesel, allows for personal moments of bliss with your beverage of choice. Coupled with the complimentary high-speed WiFi, these modern amenities ensure your leisure and connectivity needs are flawlessly attended to, all within the embrace of timeless comfort.

Understanding the needs of our esteemed guests, the Pranakorn Suite is a careful culmination of luxury and convenience. Safeguard your valuables with our in-room safe, and move around in the provided slippers and terrycloth bathrobes, which further the feeling of being ensconced in a haven of exclusivity. Each facet of the Pranakorn Suite has been curated to elevate your stay to heights of unequaled opulence, all while you soak in the cultural tapestry that is old town Bangkok.


500 thread-count linen
43/49 LCD TV
Drip coffee maker
Glassware from Schott Zwiesel
Luxury and Organic bath amenities
Tea making facilities
In-room safe
Complimentary WiFi
Slippers and terrycloth bathrobes
Bluetooth speaker VIFA Helsinki
Complimentary bottled water still and Sparkling by Nordaq
Complimentary local calls

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